Kalat, the winner is “I Tweet” of Parruccini

Dazzling finish, with a full audience ending within the refined " Piazza Grande " in Caltanissetta, for the much anticipated gala evening of Kalat Nissa Film Festival, International Contest of courts, held over the three days from 27 to 29 June 2013. Three days of screenings, art and entertainment. Inside the event a prestigious and unmissable workshop held by a monument of Italian television communication, Master Ugo Gregoretti to which the organization of Kalat Nissa Film Festival awarded for the first time a " Lifetime Achievement Award ". The Lifetime Achievement Award to Ugo Gregoretti was delivered in an exciting time by Roberto Giacobbo- Deputy director of RAI 2 .

Artistic Director Giovanni Nanfa. President Fernando Barbieri. Extraordinary presence of the Master Ugo Gregoretti and then the artists: Rosaria Renna, Antonella Catanese, Andrea Roncato, Sarah Maestri, Barty Colucci, Salvatore Lazzaro, Roberto Giacobbo. A jury composed by authors such as Maurizio Amici, Stefano Natale, Giancarlo Santi, Michele Sità, Sandro Caiuli.

The "3rd Kalat Nissa Film Festival” organized by the Cinematographic and Cultural Association

"Laboratorio dei sogni" is sponsored by the General Directorate for the cinema, the Department for Development and Economic Cohesion, the Sicilian Regional Tourism Sports and Entertainment Department, Sensi Contemporanei, by the Superintendent of Caltanissetta, the City of Caltanissetta, the Chamber of Commerce of Caltanissetta.

In the afternoon, for the first time in Caltanissetta, a red carpet with the artists, enhanced by the presence of "Vespa " historical models. Big crowd of visitors and photographers also in the stands where the Master of the Work Lillo Defraia offered an unforgettable tasting of the new sweet " Surfaru " , and Sicilian “Cannoli” and well known “Rollò”.

Full satisfaction of the organizers for the success of the event over the three days, that brought thousands of people from various parts of the world.

Here is the list of the winners

Overall winner- of the Trophy “ Golden Antenna”

Short -I Tweet-by Mario Parruccini , Italy / USA.

Reason: “For having witnessed a phenomenon of our times: the lack of communication and solitude in a man who takes refuge more and more in social networks. You can go back to speak without technologies and find that even a stranger can teach us something”.

For the Category “Am I different from others”

Short – Regina bianca by Chiara Rap , Italy

Reason: “Because she faced in a good way the difficult subject of female homosexuality that involves feelings, life and death of three generations at a time when the whole world is confronted with the rights and so-called diversity”.

For the Category “Free theme”

Short- Pre carità by Flavio Costa, Italy

Reason: “For the pitiless depiction of a society in which job searching frustrates the ambitions and satisfactions of young people and through an ingenious paradox he photographs a dramatic social reality”

For the Category Foreign Short

Short: Violetta la cortigiana by David Casals, France

Reason: “Even in the darkest corners of the human soul the power of music gives new life values such as solidarity, hope and understanding. The poverty of a sidewalk as sets the musical message returns the ambition necessary to change live”

For the Category Cartoons

Short: Double occupancy by Fabian Giessler, Germany

Reason: “For being able to describe how a wall is not a barrier if you look with the eyes of imagination while it can become a tomb if there is selfishness guiding our actions”

For the Category Very Short movie

Short: Amarillo limon by Felipe Garrido Archanco

Reason: “To have masterfully played the true spirit of the short movie, where atmosphere and story details are developed in a matter of seconds which have no time because the final surprise comes unexpected and in a surprising way”

For the category TV Reportage

Reportage: The man who challenged Auschwitz by Silvia Belshazzar , screenplay by Roberto Giacobbo and Valeria Botta.

Reason: “For a movie that with sensitivity and delicacy describes the hell of Auschwitz where noble sentiments such as altruism and solidarity return the honor of belonging to the human species. A story of pure unconditional love without time and space”.

For the Category Short School movie

Short: Anna Bellosguardo, by the Institute " Testoni Fioravanti " in Bologna

Reason: “For message that the short movie drives  to boys: overcome the clichés and stereotypes and remember, thanks to the tune of a song, that you can grow without becoming high”

Other awards:

Best Director : 2A Second floor by Alfonso Diaz , Spain

Best screenplay: Anomia by Alessio Lazzari , Italy

Best soundtrack : O sunge (Ham story) by Eliska Chytova, Czech Republic

Best Editing : El mueble de las photos by Giovanni Maccelli, Italy

Best Actor: Alessandro Haber for hir performance in One Short Day, by Andrea Castellanza, Italy

Best Actress: Taha Mohammadi for her performance in the short movie “More than two hours” by Ali Asgari, Iran

Best Cinematography: Y la muerte lo seguia, by Angel Hernandez Gomez, Spain

Special Jury Mention: Genesis, Donatella Altieri, Italy

Prize for Best Creative Realization: Mafia University by the Working Group RAI LAB led by Maurizio Gianotti

Reason: “For having with irony and humor desecrate a scourge of our society: Mafia. A sharp format, which generates the only weapon capable of countering this tragedy: the smile

Premium High Sound Quality-Introduced by the GTCS Thematic Group for the sound quality , assigned to :

Short Amarillo limon, which is also classified in the Category Very short movies.

Special mention " Laboratorio dei sogni" assigned to the short film " The journey of life" by Tony Gangitano and Angelo Sferrazza .

In addition, at kalat Nissa Film Festival they were awarded prizes quality to some people who having gained during numerous events national awards have been considered by the organizers deserve to be called "Excellence of Caltanissetta". These people are: Lillo Defraia awarded in May 1st, 2013 by the President of the Republic, with the Star of merit of the work; the baker Maurizio Spinello, awarded with the merit of having produced the "Best bread in Sicily " and recently awarded with Dino Villani certificate for the quality of his bread production –also with integral version, and finally, Marcello Emma excellence among the student population of Caltanissetta , for being the winner of the twelfth edition of the CAD Olimpics 2013, with the qualification of second national level and fist European level.

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