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VIII Kalat Nissa Film Festival start:

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 18:17

Finalists short 7th Kalat Nissa Film Festival

Kalat Nissa Film Festival scored a record with the arrival of 1318 short films from 76 countries, including Iraq, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Bangladesh, Syria, Timor est and from all Europe;

an edition n which is really represented all over the world.

An international film competition growing steadily every year record results incredibly exceed expectations. Directors who have a palmares exceptional chose to participate in Kalat Nissa Film Festival now calling it "an annual event" of prestige and many courts choose it as the first festivals to attend after the creation of their short. It was held the large number of houses known international distribution, a selection of the best short films circulating this year in the world's top film festivals.

Among the finalists short films also some meaningful national and world premieres.
The festival is also pleased to officially inform the jury chaired by Honorary President Maestro Lajos Koltai, two David’s Donatello award, won in Italy and nominated for an Oscar and Hungarian director of photography on films such as "Malena" and "The Pianist on 'Ocean', directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

The 2017 edition of the jury will be formed by:

Stefania Berbenni (Journalist), Stefania Casini (Producer, Director Actress), Nicoletta Ercole (Costume Designer), Andrea Purgatori (Journalist, Writer), Alessio Gelsini Torresi (Director of Photography), Giancarlo Soldi (Director and Autor).

In addition, the Jury of the Prize GCTS sound will be coordinated by Gilberto Martinelli (Sound Engineer)
During the evenings of the festival there will be three artistic directors: one national and two international Festivals of important European partners of Kalat Nissa Film Festival, the Film Festival Pázmány (Michele Sità- Hungary) and the Wama Festival (Domnjak Macjiei- Poland) as well as "Tasting Cinema "themed food festival organized by Elle Tre under the artistic direction of Sarah Maestri.

The finalists will be subsequently subjected to a second selection according to the judgment of the technical jury of the festival.

The Association's Board of Directors cinematic and cultural "Laboratorio dei sogni" is pleased to announce the finalists of the sixth edition of Kalat Nissa Film Festival.

Finalists list

1          HOT TRAHISON Quentin Barutaut Animazione/ Animation 5m57s FRANCE                     

2          THE EFFECT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, TECNOLOGY ON HUMANS Julie Nakazi Animazione/Animation 3m.42s SIRIA                      

3          LIFE SUCKS! But At Least I've Got Elbows  Nicola Piovesan - Matt Wills - Jones     Animazione  10m 21s         ITALY/ESTONIA

4          DARREL Marc Brioens Piulachs, Alan Carabantes Person Animazione/ Animation 3m SPAIN

5          JUST THE BEGINNING Abraham Lîpez Guerrero Animazione/ Animation 7m SPAIN

6          W.A.R.F. Kylie Trupp Animazione/ Animation 5m CHILE                    

7          LA BRUXA Pedro Solís García Animazione/ Animation 11m SPAIN            

8          CUERDAS Pedro Solís García Animazione /Animation 11m SPAIN             

9          PARQUE Mateo Garlo Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 10 m SPAIN             

10        17 YEARS TOGETHER Javier Fesser Corto straniero/Foreign movie 14 m SPAIN   

11        DONDE CAEN LAS HOJAS Alicia Albares Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 18 m SPAIN     

12        INDIOS Y VAQUEROS Emilia Ruiz Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 4 m SPAIN                  

13        90 GRAD NORD Detsky Graffam Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 21 m GERMANY

14        VA BANQUE Stefan Plepp, Christine Kabish Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 11m GERMANY

15        BRIGHT LIGHTS María Zabala Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 11m SPAIN

16        WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED Andrew Kotatko Corto straniero/ Foreign movie 20m AUSTRALIA

17        ESSERI DI STELLE Adriano Giotti Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 14m59s ITALY

18        IL POTERE DELL’ORO ROSSO Mario Vitale Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 25m ITALY

19        LA FUITINA Andrea Simonetti Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 20m ITALY

20        LA VIAGGIATRICE Davide Vigore Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 15m 02s ITALY

21        LETHE Eric Romero  Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 20m UNITED KINGDOM

22        LETTERA A MIA FIGLIA Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 12m 09s ITALY                     

23        SENZA OCCHI MANO E BOCCA Paolo Budassi Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom?16 m ITALY

24        UNA BELLISSIMA BUGIA Lorenzo Santoni Io diverso da chi?/ I am different whom? 15m ITALY                                

25        INBOUND Angelica Gallo Tema libero/ Free theme 9m 24 s ITALY / FRANCE                  

26        M603  Cristian Benaglio Tema libero/ Free theme 15m ITALY                

27        LUCE Marco Napoli Tema libero/ Free theme 12m 29s ITALY                      

28        PAZZO E’ BELLA Marcello Di Noto Tema libero/ Free theme 15m ITALY                

29        POLLO ASADO Javier Gomez e Carmen Blanco Tema libero/ Free theme 3m30s SPAIN

30        RADICE 9 Daniele Barbiero Tema libero/ Free theme 19m 58s ITALY

31        THE CHOP Lewis Rose Tema libero/ Free theme 17m FRANCE                    

32        BHINDI (OkRA) Baljeet Singh Marwah Tema libero/ Free theme 15m INDIA                   

33        A CASA MIA Mario Piredda Tema libero/ Free theme 19 m ITALY                                      

34        CONOSCE QUALCUNO Daniel Bondì Comics 6m ITALY     

35        ITALIAN MIRACLE Francesco Gabriele Comics 9m 10s UNITED KINGDOM               

36        RATZINGER VUOLE TORNARE Valerio Vestoso Comics 9m 34s ITALY                       

37        FINCHE’ C’E’ VITA C’E’ SPERANZA Valerio Attanasio Comics 24m 52s ITALY

38        UNA CITA’ DE MIERDA Roberto Montalbo Comics 3m SPAIN            

39        ANACLETO Ernesto Del Gesso Comics 11m ITALY                    

40        COMO YO TE AMO Fernando Garcêa-Ruiz Rubio Comics 22m SPAIN                     

41        THE HEAT WAVE Lucaêa Valverde Comics 8 m LUXEMBURG

Servizio per la Rai, trasmissione Uno Mattina Cafè del 2° kalat Nissa Film Festival

Servizio per la Rai, trasmissione Uno Mattina Cafè del 2° kalat Nissa Film Festival
Servizio per la Rai, trasmissione Uno Mattina Cafè del 2° kalat Nissa Film Festival


Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2012:
Riccardo Di Gerlando
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015:
Isabella Salvetti
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2011:
Francesco Filippi
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2014:
Anna Yanovskaya

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