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VIII Kalat Nissa Film Festival start:

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:03

Great success of Kalat Nissa Film Festival and the Film Festival at Pazmany Mittel Film Fest 2016.

Great success and good liking for short films of Kalat Nissa Film Festival and Pazmany Film Festival in Magyar land at the Mittel Film Fest 2016.

The Mittel Film Fest is the most important event for the diffusion of Italian cinema in mittel europe, promoted by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava and Prague.

On behalf of the Association Laboratorio dei sogni, following people went to Budapest : the President Fernando Barbieri and the contact person for public relations of Kalat , Laura Abbaleo. Moderator of the event Prof. Michele Sità, at the presence of the personnel regent of the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest Dott. Gian Luca Borghese and of Maestro Lajos Koltai -Lifetime Achievement Award at the VI edition of Kalat Film Festival.

The short films of the International Short Film Festival Kalat Nissa Film Festival (only festival of Italian short film that was present) together with the short films of Pazmany Film Festival were screened in the day November 14, 2016 at 05:00 p.m. at the Fellini room of the Institute of Italian Culture in the presence of authority, and movie fans of Italian culture and industry experts.

By now the event is a regular appointment which charges deserved success and draws copious people in Budapest. Much appreciated short of Kalat: "Senza parole” (Without Words), by Edoardo Palma, “Domani smetto” (Tomorrow I will stop), by Monica Dugo and Marcello Di Noto and "Mirror" of Daniele Barbiero and short films of Pazmany: "Vegan Love" by Georgio Amato, “Giorni Marziani" (Days Martians), by Vito Palmieri and "Ah les Italiens " (Ah Italians) by Giulio Frizzi and Paolo Arrighetti. With regard to Italian film holdings they were presented in Budapest: “Perfetti sconosciuti” by Paolo Genovese, “Fai bei sogni” (Make beautiful dreams) by Marco Bellocchio, “Piuma” by Roan Johmson, “Fiore” by Claudia Giovannesi, “Indivisibili” (Indivisible) by Edoardo De Angelis, “Questi giorni” (These Days) by Giuseppe Piccioni, “Madeleine” by Lorenzo Ceva Valla and Mario Garofalo, “La ragazza del mondo” (The girl in the world) by Marco Danieli, “Orecchie” (Ears) by Alexander Aronadio and “Le ultime cose” (The last things) by Irene Dionisio.

At Mittel this year also the presence of the beloved Pressburger director, which in past years has masterfully directed the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest with the presentation of his film “The scent of fairy tales time” with masterly directed by Mauro Caputo. A particular merit should be attributed to attendant regent G.Borghese of the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest and prof. Giovanni Cataluccio and prof. Michele Sità, that on the occasion of the cinema Mittel Fest have spared no efforts to conduct a truly important event in international, high cultural qualification.

With great pride throughout the organization of Kalat, it discloses that in the first month of the notice of the opening of the contest, the 7th edition is already owned by nations inscriptions record. 40 nations have already registered and more than 270 participants shorts.

The notice deadline for the submission of short films is February 28, 2017.

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More information can be found on Facebook for mittel:

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Servizio per la Rai, trasmissione Uno Mattina Cafè del 2° kalat Nissa Film Festival
Servizio per la Rai, trasmissione Uno Mattina Cafè del 2° kalat Nissa Film Festival


Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2012:
Riccardo Di Gerlando
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015:
Isabella Salvetti
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2011:
Francesco Filippi
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2014:
Anna Yanovskaya

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