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VIII Kalat Nissa Film Festival start:

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:24

Winners of 6th Kalat Nissa Film Festival

Success in critics and audience at the Teatre “Regina Margherita” for the event

organized by Film and Culture Association "Laboratorio dei sogni" which crowned the director EDOARDO PALMA and the short film "SENZA PAROLE" as the winner of the sixth edition of Kalat Nissa Film Festival of Caltanissetta. A work that demonstrates how the art of street poetry exceeds the possible human misunderstanding: the birth of a feeling between a mime and a mute girl.

The festival, - said the President Fernando Barbieri - was born with the aim to promote the short film as a form of expression for the development of the potential of the artistic languages of the new media and for the answer to the cultural growth of the young directors and held a baptism in its six years of activity more than 3.000 young talents from all over the world, for many of them marking the beginning of a brilliant career.

This year the event has registered a record number of 401 shorts from 36 countries on 5 continents, including Iraq and Bangladesh.

The gala, presented by Rosaria Renna, speaker and historical voice of RDS, and Roberto Giocobbo deputy director of National Channel Rai 2 and artistic director of Kalat, was opened by watching a short film made by the Italian Army. A movie, out of competition, which summed imaging the significant moments of the Armed Forces operations in Sicily: Sicilian Vespers by the immigration emergency. Roberto Giacobbo, in the function of Artistic Director and Fernando Barbieri as President of Kalat delivered to Brigadier General Mauro Degli Ubaldi, Commander of the Mechanized Brigade Aosta a plaque in recognition of its efforts on the part of the men and women of 'Army in Sicily.

The evening then continued with the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award given to the Hungarian master Lajos Koltai, nominated for an Oscar as director of photography for the film "Malena" and "The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean" by Giuseppe Tornatore and winner for this film also two David of Donatello. Koltai has received from the hands of Barbieri The trophy Golden Antenna, always symbol of the city of Caltanissetta.

The audience at the Teatro Margherita with interest and numerous participation attended the vision of all the courts of the different categories in the two days preceding the gala dinner and presented by actress Annalisa Insardà. They were awarded the following awards in several categories with these motivations:

Prize I’M DIFFERENT FROM WHOM to THE PRESENT BY JACOB FREY. A short film in which the loneliness of a child, moreover afflicted with handicaps, dissolves through a small dog, lively bearer of the same handicap. Out from the stereotype of any compassion the film moves to the unexpected ending

FOREIGN SHORT prize to UNE POIGNEE DE MAIN HISTORIQUE BY AURELIEN LAPLACE, for irreverent humor with which reinterprets a historical event. A "behind the scenes" that all we wanted to see but never dared to ask

ANIMATION award to NONE OF THAT SHORT BY ISABELLA LITTGEER-ANNA-HINDS KRITI KAUR for showing how the censorial fury would break the sense of art and destroy lives. A mocking teaching for some short-sighted policies on the value of art.
Prize FREE THEME at DOMANI SMETTO BY MONICA DUGO-MARCELLO DI NOTO for having pilloried vanity and overweening dependence for the profession of an actor. The lust for fame and success become more than you can think: something similar of a psicological drug.

WEB Prize to Short THE LIKE BY THE PILLS BY LUCA VECCHI AND ANDREA PERGOLA for the ability and ruthlessness with which they bring out the tics, the conditioned reflexes and the devastating consequences of our social networks.

 Achievement Award BEST DIRECTOR to LOST SENSES OF MARCIN WASILEVSKY for the refined taste of quotations in homage to the metaphysical painting of Salvador Dali.
SCREENPLAY award at a MIRROR BY DANIELE BARBIERO for telling the nightmare and the obsessiveness of the exhausting daily relationship with oneself, to the bitter end and the interesting vision of a surreal and disturbing parallel world.
Prize for the BEST SOUNDTRACK TO CENIZO BY MIGUEL CABALLERO. A short where "truth is stranger than fiction" and the music enhances the beautifully both without ever falling into the temptation of the protagonist.

 ACTING Achievement Award to LEV DUROV for acting in SHORT “DIFFERENT PEOPLE BY KIRILL KOSOLAPOF because the tender interpretation of a hardship condition to force a character otherwise anonymous.

Prize BEST EDITING to FRANCESCO JASON GALLI, editor of the short “NOT WITHOUT ME” By BRANDO DE SICA, for the respect of cinematic grammar that wants a great assembly not hear.

PHOTOGRAPHY award at LILA BY CARLOS LASCANO like element protagonist of a narrative that blends movingly reality and animation.

SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY to “CANTO ANCHE IO! NO TU NO!” by LORENZO BAGLIONI, for the tenacity and courage with which the main character and his friends are continuing the struggle for the removal of architectural barriers.

For the original choice to represent a slice of life that values the strong motorbike bond between a brother and a sister through the vicissitudes of a life a little 'troubled and multifaceted feelings of love.

Two characters who live the ordeal of a strong pain in a hospital bed; two stories that intertwine and eventually capsize in a shocking denouement. The bond between a mother and a son who crosses the time of an entire life in the moment of death. The jury, consisting of Susanna Piferi, Mariano Sabatini and Michael Sità was also headed this year by Maurizio Amici director. Press Office manager Sabrina Parisi.

TGR 2018

TGR 2018
TGR 2018
Milena Vukotic
Milena Vukotic
Intervista a Lajos Koltai - Il Caffè di Rai Uno dell’11 Agosto 2016 - Kalat Nissa Film Festival
Intervista a Lajos Koltai - Il Caffè di Rai Uno dell'11 Agosto 2016 - Kalat Nissa Film Festival
Tgr Regione Sicilia Sabato 16 luglio edizione delle 19.30
Tgr Regione Sicilia Sabato 16 luglio edizione delle 19.30
Promo k2016
Promo k2016

Spot bando Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016
Spot bando Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016
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TGR Lombardia "Varese"
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Special 2015
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2015 c s
Promo Kalat Nissa Film Festival Eng
Promo Kalat Nissa Film Festival Eng
Special 60 secondi - Kalat Nissa FIlm Festival 2014
Special 60 secondi - Kalat Nissa FIlm Festival 2014


Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
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Riccardo Di Gerlando
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Isabella Salvetti
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Francesco Filippi
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Anna Yanovskaya

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