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01Sarah Maestri

2004- “Before the Theater” European school for the actor’s art: “theater in pieces” on the dramaturgy of fragmentation by J. Sanchis Sinisterra. Seminar with V. Schiavelli: “Tools For the actor “.
2002 - Singing lesson with M. Tabacchi2000- Seminar of mime, pantomime and clowneries with Sharavan
1998 / 1999 -School “Grock’s”
1999 -Seminar with F. Calati: “Technique and Voice Use”
1997/1998 -School “Blue Theater” by S. Priori
1996 / 1997 -Spieta “Blue Theater” by S. Priori
2010 DIETRO IL BUIO G.Pressburger
2005 IL NOSTRO MESSIA C. Serughetti
2005 PUNTO DI VISTA short-movie M. Banzato
2011 PROVACI ANCORA PROF 4 T.Aristarco
2011 CHE DIO CI AIUTI F.Vicario
2009 TERRA RIBELLE C. Th Torrini
2009 REX (3^stagione) M. Serafini
2004 AMICHE P. Poeti
2008 IO COME VOI F. Salvatore
2005 LO ZOO DI VETRO F.M. Zanandrea
2001/2002 LA COPPIA F. Lasagna
1998 LITTLE ITALY S. Priori

01 Adelmo Togliani
Director, actor

Adelmo Togliani is an Italian actor, director and screenwriter. Works in television, cinema and in experimental level works with productions entirely dedicated to the web. As an actor he has been involved in numerous roles in successful fiction roles including A Family doctor, Marcinelle, The Cheating Man and the RaiUno Series, Pupi Avati-director titled The marriage, as well as film productions such as Naja, Boris and Casanova, the latter of Oscar Lasse Hallstrom.
For some years he has been working as a director with UNICEF Italia. In 2012 he publishes his first book, entitled “I, Clarence”, from which he derives the same theatrical comedy. In 2014 he produced and directed with Giallo Limone Movie and Accademia Achille Togliani the short film “L’uomo volante” with Bianca Guaccero protagonist, presented at the 72nd Venice Film Festival. In 2015 he staged an adaptation from Ernst Cline’s Ready Player One book. 2017 saw him as director and producer of short film science fiction “La Macchina Umana” with protagonist Valentina Corti. Dependent by retrogamer he becomes asynchronous and naïf and surely ‘nerd’.

01 Luca Burgio e Maison Pigalle

Born in Agrigento in 1985.

A year spent in Spain in the Madrid pubs and jam sessions organized as a man band.
Back in Italy to finish writing and arranging the first album and propose it to an Italian audience. 2015: Exhibitions mostly in clubs, private clubs, house concerts and regional contests throughout the Sicilian territory.
July: Release of the debut album “Vices, Sins and Deeds” published by CD and digital New Model Label.
August: Video production of the first extract of the album “Dorian Gray Syndrome”.
September: Candidate at Tenga Targa.
October: Presentation of the album at Tenco Ascolta (Cosenza). 2017:
April: Finalist for Arezzo Wave.•May: “BUSCATOUR” A promotional tour on the road across Italy on a route to Spain.
The Album - Vices, Sins and Weaknesses (2016) A disc that breathes gipsy jazz atmospheres with manouche guitars, martian beings, crazy skulls and the Sicilian folk. In the songs stand out explicit texts from universal language directed at romantics, dreamers skinned in emotion, poets prosciuga bottles and lovers without brakes at the mercy of their instincts. The record was recorded in the recording studio TerraNova / Confaloni and played and mastered at Jacklab by Roberto Terranova. The tracks were arranged by the support band, Mai- son Pigalle. To enrich the sound of the ensemble have been added as special guest Roberto Anelli to the piano and Samuele Davì trumpeter of the multi-ethnic big band “La Maxima 79”. Support Band - Maison Pigalle. Andrea Scimè: Bass Bassman. Ettore Baiamonte: Guitar; Armando Fiore: Percussions; Marco Macaluso: Accordion; Mauro Schembri: Mandolin.

01Bleri Dervishi
Winner of Masterchef Albania 2015

The last winner of Masterchef Albania has a Tuscan accent, he works in the Relais in Zafferana Etnea owned by Dr. Guido Alessandro Coffa. He lives in “Belpaese” for 18 years. It is known that Albania-Italy via tv is a link that has marked the history of the last decades: thanks to the ether, in the nineties hundreds of thousands of Albanians have learned our language and fantasized about Italy, taking the boats to reach the other side of the Adriatic coast. Now, in a deeply changed country, on TV comes a new bond, which has the young face of talent show contestants. During the Festival, Bleri Dervisci will be awarded for his versatile skill that has enabled him to overcome any geographic barriers and to overcome any prejudice.

01Compagnia operettistica Siciliana di Maria Sicari

Nunzio Bonadonna

He attended the Greek dramaturgy course, held by Mauriella Lo Sardo and director Accursio Di Leo, debuting as Penteo in “The Bachelors” of Euripides. In 1997 he was a biennial School of Dramatic Art under the direction of M ° Romano Bernardi and joined the study of singing and vocal interpretation. Since 2001 he has been working as a reciter in various shows and lyric concerts. In 2007 he studied diction and acting with Anna Malvica and with Roman master Bernardi. Since 2008 she has been part of the Stable Theater of Acireale with the performances of E Salem’s Off-Snow, Hilton Hotel, Barefoot in the Park, The Strange Couple. A collaboration with the “Centro Studi Artistici” in Acireale also began, performing in various Sicilian theaters with music abbeys: Mary Poppins, Ala- dino, The Wizard of Oz, Gianburrasca, The Treasure Island and the A Which serve the men of Iaia Fiastri. In 2012 he won the 1st prize as best actor starred in the “Michele Abruzzo” Theatrical Competition of Sciacca with the Performing Actors in Rope, robbers in Richard J. Green’s skirt.

Floriana Sicari

Graduated in lyrical song at the Bellini di Caltanissetta musical institute and in Foreign Languages and Literature (PA) she worked as a soprano at Bellini Theater in Naples in opera La Vedova allegra and Scugnizza under the direction of Tato Russo. From 1998 to 2004 she collaborated with the com- The New operetta by Nadia Furlon of Milan as soprano-soubrette in Viennese Blood, Cin-ci-La, Merry Widow, The Country of the Bells, The Duchess of the Left Tabaran and Dream Of a waltz. She is a director of stage art at the A.Corelli Conservatory of Messina.


01Rosario Randazzo

Born in Montedoro (CL), residing in S. Cataldo (CL). Concerto pianist. He obtained his diploma, studying at the Conservatory of Palermo, with Master G. Cellizza. He followed numerous training courses with Aldo Ciccolini, Piotr Lachert, Bob van Asperen and Kenneth Gilbert. He has performed both as a soloist and in various chamber formations for numerous music associations in Italy and abroad (France, Belgium, United States of America, Mexico). In recent years he has devoted himself to the accompaniment of lyrical song and his repertoire includes hundreds of songs between room romances and opera tunes, as well as full scores. He has collaborated as a pianist with several master classes held by D. Dini Ciacci (oboe), C. Scarponi and G. Garbarino (clairetto), C. Verhaeghe, L. Maragliano, C. Fusco (singing). He is the holder of the complementary piano chair at the Conservatory of Palermo.

01Hathor Academy

Hathor Academy is directed by Maria Antonina Vitello and it is born in Caltanissetta to promote, feed and promote artistic sensibility in the varied world of dance, music, singing, acting, and arts in general both at the dilettantistic level and at professional. The school offers  refined confortable artistic rooms where, thanks to highly educated and professionals teachers, it is possible to cultivate the free creativity of the person, through artistic expressive ways, promoting the conjunction of art, personal growth and socialization. The students support and pass the level pass exams every year directly at the headquarters in Via Salvati, 99 in Caltanissetta with the presence of external examiners. Each exam is issued with a certificate of attestation and a scorecard. The school also offers several stages, master classes, participation in competitions and collaborations with national and international artists. Hathor Academy offers classical, mo- dern, contemporary, hip hop, postural gymnastics, music (drums, electric / acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboard), singing and acting, divided by age classes, potentials and levels technical. Collaborations for major events, internships in various fields, masters, competitions.

01 Sofia Alaimo

Singer, author, and actress begins very early - just 6 years - to show her passion for music. So he began studying singing a few years later, having a way of being seated, in artistic stages and diversified contexts.
Including well-known teachers of the national music scene, including: Antonella Catanese (2002), Edmondo Teodolindo Negri (2011), Cheryl Porter, Andrea Rodini In parallel, during the institutional training process, after having completed the scientific maturity, Graduated in Psychology and subsequently became a music therapist at the Benenzon Center in Turin. Conjugating the music experience with the study of psychology involved in research and training activities, publishing various works related to sound and music experience. Since 2000 she has been participating in performances and artistic events, receiving positive feedback for her vocal and interpretative skills. Among the most important artistic stages: in 2001, she participated in “Non sono solo Canzonette”, Bauffremont theater in Caltanissetta. From 2002 to 2005 she participated in various national festivals and singing events, always obtaining good goals. In 2008, she participated in a television project aired on TCS (Tele Centro Sicula), titled “Music, Thoughts and Words”, performing in 10 episodes as a solo singer and awarding the “Most voted by the Audience” award in the evening.
From 2008 to 2011 she participates as an actress, covering the role of “Santuzza”, “Cavalleria rusticana”, directed by Nunzio Bonadonna, screened at Vizzini, in the places where the author, Giovanni Verga and wrote the paper. For several years vocalist of the Nisseno group: I GATTA CI COVA.

01 Eduardo Saitta
Theatre actor

Actor and producer. Born in Catania on 07-03-1979. From his early age he attends the theatrical life due to his father’s activity, Salvo Saitta, a well-known actor in Catania. In 1992, only 12 years old, he pass a test that will enable him to participate in the show “The new colony” by Luigi Pirandello directed by Lamberto Puggelli, produced by Stabile Theater in Catania. Eduardo is among the protagonists along with Maddalena Crippa, Piero Sammataro, Miko Magistro and Romano Bernaardi. He continued his activity with his father, reciting, between ‘93 and ‘94, Molière, Goldoni and De Filippo. But ‘94 is still the year of the Stable Theater that again offers him a prominent role, that of Consalvo in “The Viceré” by Feeder De Roberto for the direction of Armando Pugliese with Turi Ferro. He will continue from 94 to 98 on the activity of his father Salvo, which will exalt the talents of a young actor and seize him with roles of great excellence: “Furberie di Scapino” by Molière - “My good and my core” by Eduardo De Filippo (Season “The New Masks”), Goldoni’s “Rusteghi” and “Matrimoniu ‘within the Civitas” (Metropolitan Theater Season in Catania). In recent years, Eduardo already manages part of the organization of theatrical seasons, and then takes the reins of the family brand in 1999, taking care of the artistic interests of the “The New Masks” cultural association founded in 1967. Season 1999 - 2000, can be considered the decisive one, in addition to the participation in the role of Alessi in “I Malavoglia” with Turi Ferro, directed this time by William Guglielmo, and as a young actor in the “Sicilian Ballata” musical with Salvo Saitta, arrives The “First National Prize for New Cello Players - Angelo Musco” organized by the Teatro IN in Catania. Eduardo is “laureate” laughing champion (he writes criticism) thanks to the vote of the attentive and selected jury, who appreciates his lashing but good taste, satire politics. Immediately after the verdict, one of the jurors, Salvo La Rosa, proposes to him the television experience.
It is the year of popularity, it is the year of “Together”; its “Barbarino” personality makes it known throughout Sicily, but Eduardo, despite the cabaret and television brackets, Theatrical activity. The years of theatrical performances begin - cabarets written for him: “In principle (comu was?) ... Fu!” - “Universal” - “Save who can” that will allow him to express himself best - price from the audience and criticism.
Eduardo does not tie his name to “Barbarino” and temporarily leaves the small screen dedicated exclusively to the theatrical audience, interpreting prose performances as “Give A Smile” - (Al Piccolo Teatro di Catania) produced by him; “The Doctor of the Pazzi” (Teatro Metropolitan) produced by Club Teatro Uno; “We Want to Speak ... and Talk” (Summer Tour) produced by the “New Masks”; “The Rattlesnake” (both with Father
Salvo Saitta and with Miko Magistro at Teatro Al Masino di Palermo); “Nothing between the feet” (Amateur Theater) produced by the “New Masks”. And then again “The Swing,” “Three Weak Sheep,” “The Air of the Continent,” “Hostess ... That Passion” and many other comedies that, between 2004 and 2017, filled the Piscator’s Catania, has lived in the “Saitta Theater” for more than ten years. He also returned to “The Head of the Heads”, “A Stolen Life” and “The Montalbanian Commissioner” are just a few of the TV series in which he appears while he resumes being always present at the TV program “Insieme” Broadcast by Antenna Sicilia.

01 Luca Piaz

He begins to study the first books of magic. 2008 becomes a member of Club Magico Italiano and, in the same year, his first TV appearance on Italy 1 with his performance of transmitted magic.
On talent 1 program led by Tommy Vee and Ciccio Valenti. 2010 Guest at the Golden Triangle festival conducted by Nico Dei Gabbiani and broadcast on Rai Due, sent to a TV show TFN “Talia chi news” Talk show.

2011 Become a delegate of the Italian Magic Club by setting up the Magic Club EQM CMI delegation working with Gianni Loria (President of the Italian Magic Club), Alexander Magician, Marco Berry, for the only magic event in Sicily ‘Interview of the tgR on RAI 3.
2012/13 is shown on Italy 2 in an afternoon program Uzone showing various magic games. It organizes various shows, spying from children to adults its magic is dynamic and cheerful,
Over the time he created three magical characters from the brilliant to the mystical to the classic. 2014/15 He participated as a guest to Good or Bad Talk Sicilian broadcast on Teleone Rei tv and TRS.
Various shows in local theaters etc. 2016 the adventure continues ... with a new tv format Do it.

01SenzaRadio Showmen
Andrea Lombardo, Angelo Franzone

They began their radio tour in 2001 with the “Shadows Light” programming and conducting program. Since then
A succession of successes and the creation and conduction of various radio programs. From radio-organized evenings, go to animation in the lids, in the squares, in the presentation of events (late fashion, sports events, essays, music festivals, etc.), always emphasizing their capacity in intrinsic and have fun. Animation of children’s parties, themed parties, balls etc. Below are just some of the most important and important events. Currently, the Shadows Light radio program is aired on a national radio station composed of 30 radio stations spread across different regions of Italy. Currently 2016 Guests are within the Telesiculissimi program, aired on Video Region. In 2014/2016 SenzaRadio have conceived and presented the CabaretTiAmo regional cabaret festival in the Piazza Armerina municipality. Since 2010, Senzaradio have been artistic directors for the Sicily region of Festival Pub Italia, a national festival dedicated to emerging music. Organize and present selections within the premises. Realize backstage on behalf of Tele A of Naples, with big names interviews with music such as Tony Esposito, Davide de Marinis, Simone Cristicchi, Jenny B and others.
In 2010, there were presenters of the national song contest, Festival Pub Italia, held in Milazzo (ME) in front of 30,000 viewers. Since 2013, SenzaRadio collaborates with the theatrical company “Il baule dell’arte”, directed by Antonio Caccia, participating as actors in numerous performances. In 2010, for the TV-broadcaster Start-TV Piazza Armerina (EN), they conducted interviews with emerging music groups studio and they were the founders and conductors of the program “It’s all about rubbish” about the strangeness of the network.
In 2011, the self-production of short / gag “Coffee with No-Radio”, unlikely comic situations in front of a bar counter, was aired on Italy 2 within the program led by Daniele Bossari.
In 2011 they were Vip Guests during the “Extreme Sailing Series of Trapani” event. In 2011 they conceived and conducted the “Festival Note emergenti” event of 7 nights included in the program of the summer of xibetana (EN).
In 2013 they collaborate with the Enna TV broadcaster for the realization of interviews and services for the TG.


copertina catalogo 2017

Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2012:
Riccardo Di Gerlando
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015:
Isabella Salvetti
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2011:
Francesco Filippi
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2014:
Anna Yanovskaya