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Roberto Giacobbo
Artistic director
1961, is a journalist, television conductor, TV editor and Italian writer. Vice director of Rai 2, author and director of the Voyager program on Rai 2.
Since 2014 he enthusiastically enthused the artistic direction of the Kalat Nissa Film Festival.



Ugo Gregoretti
Honorary President
Born in Rome on September 28, 1930, he is an illustrious Italian director, journalist, playwright and intellectual. Heavy and ironic costume watcher on television (from Controfagotto, 1960, to Circolo Pickwick, 1968, to the series of Parodies of Italian Popular Romance, 1975, and Fired Eggs, 1977, to Zavattini’s Writer, 1982, to the Inquiry Sottotraccia, 1991, dedicated to Italy’s “minor” and semi-ascetic), gave the film The New Angels (1962), The Imagination on Youth, the apologue with Omicron (1963), two documentaries (Apollon 1969; Contract 1971) and Musical Autobiography (1990). In 2006 he published his autobiography at: Open Finale. On May 15, 2009, he was awarded the Ilaria Alpi television journalist Prize, awarded to his career as “journalist, theatrical and television author, director, actor, always a man of intellectual and civil rights.” He also conducted the television broadcast of the RAI Design Lessons, where he discussed the most important design objects and designers.

Fernando Barbieri
He was born in San Cataldo (CL), enrolls at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo and wins a 6-month “Erasmus” scholarship in Grenoble, France, where he also attended
Photography Courses at the Ecole d’Architecture. He graduated in Architecture and soon became trained in teaching at the school of specialization; The following year he takes the degree of specialization for the teaching of the students. In addition to the profession of Architect, he holds a professorship in various schools in Caltanissetta. He has been teaching at the ITI Mottura for 6 years and has been awarded short films and short films in various cities of Italy (Sanremo, Gorgonzola, Castellamare di Stabia, Rome, Enna). From 2016 he is a digital animator. Strategic Partner of the Erasmus Plus Project “New Cinema Tools in Youth Work”.

Laura Abbaleo
Public relations
She was born in San Cataldo (CL), studying at the Classical Ruggero Settimo di CL Class. In 1994 he won the prize “Eschilo Prize” promoted by the cultural association
Kiwanis Club of Gela. The enthusiast of theater and cinema is dedicated to the study of the author’s texts and the writing of subjects and scripts for the representation. She graduated in Classical Letters from the University of Palermo. Among the examinations he supports Italian glottology and linguistics. In which he deepens the study of phonetics, diction and language disturbances by means of a specialization Master of 1500 hours. He is able to teach Latin and Greek through a specialty school and after completing the polyvalent teaching title for diversified children. In 2004 she participated in a creative writing course with the writer of Palermo, Beatrice Monroy. In the years 2005 to 2017, he is dedicated to the creation of short films and shorts. Strategic Partner of the Erasmus Plus Project “New Cinema Tools in Youth Work”.

Walter Lo Piano
Director of Stage
He was born in Caltanissetta. Geometric Diploma. Always engaged in volunteering, both at the parochial level as a musical in the musicals and at the social level as a member of the Alzheimer’s Family Association. Athlete and Provincial President F.I.Te.T. (Italian Tennis Association) in Caltanissetta. Passionate about photography, entertainment, music and music. Inexhaustible in managing and organizing events with high stress tolerance and dynamic in dealing with operational situations.

Salvatore Buccoleri
Head of Marketing
Nisseno, who has always been involved in the social, sensitive to the needs of vulnerable categories, has been fighting for years to promote initiatives to protect the weakest ones for common people’s issues as well as promoter of good-purpose initiatives. From July 2010 to October 2015, as a founding member contributed to the birth of the Alzheimer’s Family Association Alliance of Caltanissetta with the office of President, to protect and support the rights of Alzheimer’s and their family members, Starting a battle to give voice to those who suffer without being able to extricate their reasons of discomfort. In addition, since May 2011, she has her free time collaborating in the cultural activities promoted by the Cinematogra- phia “Laboratorio de sogni”, a project of the Kalat Nissa Film Festival, where she is responsible for marketing and super-visor , As well as a member of the Board. Recently, with the Laboratory of Dreams Association, she was also involved abroad in Poland during the Wama Film Festival, to participate in a masterclass on the value of short film in the development of young people’s citizenship skills.

Angelo Gueli
Video Editor
He was born in Caltanissetta, with an idea of “always having to follow his passions.” This leads him to study electronics first, followed by photography, video art, and video technics-the light “indispensable element to the photography” by following various courses at experts from the various sectors and gaining a Master as a video operator. The passion for cinema subsequently motivates him to deepen the technique of cinematic language. The meeting with prof. Barbieri allows him to try to make various short films in 5 years, on behalf of the Istituto Istituto Mottura with the participation of the actors of the children of different abilities, which is why this for him of pride in seeing them receive prizes from various competitions at Whose courts are still participating today.

Maria Cattini
Press officer
Birth: Rome, 09/10 / 1960Social: Skype: mariacattini3 - Faceboos: maria.cattini - Twitter: mariacattini - Linkedin: Maria Cattini - Instagram @ mariacattini
Order of Journalists Abruzzo: tessera n ° 118589April 2014 to today Adviser of the Regional Order of Journalists of Abruzzo. Patience, empathy, multitasking, dedication, passion, attention skills, advanced focusing, analysis and listening, exercising leadership and curiosity. Good communication skills acquired through the experience gained as a teacher and journalist and developed in the direction of the online newspaper Il, and in the organization of numerous pro- motional events. Good knowledge in commercial correspondence from Italian to Spanish and vice versa. Journalistic work of inquiry and editorial insight. Social Media Strategist and Operational Management of Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram).
Internal CMS operative management for the content updates of corporate websites. Management of internal communication tools (business newsletters, intranets, in- ternational communication campaigns); Press review for newsletter editing; Design and coordination of internal communication initiatives and external advertising campaigns, mainly by means of printing. Management of public procurement activities. Good organizational skills gained through the experience gained as organizer of events, press and press director. Good leadership skills acquired during the volunteer experience. Preparing for interpersonal relationships. Attitude to a challenging activity, strong sense of responsibility and initiative spirit. Ability to work in multicultural environments, in emergency situations and under stress, after experiencing the management of the daily newspaper Il during the earthquake of 2009 in L’Aquila. Available for travel on business. 2010 - Journalism Award “Guido Polidoro” (online information) 2010 - Online journalism award QUOLL - San Benedetto del Tronto2010 - Microsoft Web to the Women 20102009 - National Women’s Award @ web2009 (information) 2009 - Journalism Prize “Hombres Award - City of Pereto”.

Michele Sità
Contact for central Europe
Born in Genoa in 1977, he earned his degree in 2001. After several research and scholarships he started teaching,
In 2003, at the Italian Department of Italian Catholic University Pázmány Péter of Piliscsaba (Hungary). Among the various courses he still holds one in History of Italian cinema. In 2003, at the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest, he organized an international conference on the tenth anniversary of the death of Federico Fellini. Since 2004 he has been invited to introduce to the audience of the Italian Institute of Culture of Budapest the lm of a cinevideoclub, permanent seminar of Italian cinema. From the first edition he participated in the organization and presentation of the lm of the MittelCinemaFest - European Film Festival of Italian Cinema, an event that annually earns a great success. In 2007 she founded the Szita lm, which she is chairing, further dealing with the exchanges between Italian and Hungarian cinema, as well as their dissemination in their respective countries. In 2010 she completed her research career in loso at the ELTE State University of Budapest, obtaining the summa cum laude.
In 2011 he became associate professor at Péter Pázmány Catholic University. In 2013, he is appointed by the Kaitali Nissa Film Festival as a coordinator for Central Europe for the promotion of cinematic culture around the world.

Marta Balzarro
Contact for Oceania
Passionate about cinema and
Degree in Architecture and Engineering construction (July 2011) at Turin Polytechnic - Faculty Architecture 2. Title of the thesis:
The Color hospital for children. From July 2011 to July
2012: Member of the working group at the Polytechnic Polychrome Turin for the “flourishes life” project of a Day Hospital Oncology of Turin.
May 2012: Teaching at the University of Turin, Faculty of Medicine: “The Color in the hospital for the well-being of patient”. Member of the organizing committee IIHF World Women Championship.
2009: Head of Service (coordinator) Athletes, Manager for the transport of the athletes and VIP. Assistant Chief (Coordinator) Athletes Volunteer Group - XX Olympic Winter Games, Torino 2006 IX Paralympic Games Turin 2006; Cape (Coordinator) Athletes Volunteer Service Group, Universiade Torino 2007, Director (Coordinator).
Athletes Volunteer Service Group, Sledge Hockey European
Championship in 2007.
November 2005: Volunteer in the athletes’ services for teams ice hockey during the Pre-Olympic Test Event. International male and female ice hockey and Ice Sledge Hockey Tournament (sledge hockey for athletes with disabilities).
In 2013 he is contracted by Kalat Nissa Film Festival as a referent Oceania responsible for the promotion of culture film in the world.


Gilberto Martinelli
Sound technician

Graduated in Technique of the Polytechnic Institute of Cinematography of State for Cinematography and Television “R.Rossellini” of Rome. After the preparatory course of two-year of engeneering of University of La Sapienza in Rome he leaves the faculty. He graduates later in a humanistic discipline. Since 2000 he has been a professor of sound engineering, he writes in specialized journals, has produced documents for the AEN (Audio Engi - neering Society), which he has been a member since 1990 and a consultant since 2005.
He also holds the position of Head of the theme group for the cinematography of AES Italiana. He has published: “Professional Listening” and “Elements of Cinema Sound” for Lambda editions.

He has been working in sound since 1989, for 1,300 concerts and for discography, he has transcribed the entire CAM music store from lm to analog to digital for archival purposes for a total of 10,000 hours of music.
He has been working in the Cinematograma since 1989 as a microphone, then as a direct sound engineer since 2000. She worked with the most important Italian directors and received nominations for the Silver Ribbon and David of Donatello. In 2007 he was awarded the Cinecittà Holding Prize for Giuseppe Tornatore’s “The Unknown” lm.
Member of the ATIC (Italian Technical Association for Cinematography and Television) since 2007, collaborates with the editing of the IT Portal:


Giuseppe Tambè
He was born in 1968.
Graduated in medical tecniques. From a small point of view she has shown particular interest in art, focusing on the theater and the theater.
Get them so much to make them become an integral part of your life. In 2008, theatrical review “Matteo Indorato” wins the award “Best Actress Not Starring” with Moliere’s “The Imaginary Patient”. He starts practicing self-taught analogue photography, from landscape photography to macro photography, but his passion was and is Portrait photography. He began to make his first book photos, first with Black and Black film and today with digital, taking care of every detail: scene, composition and light. Each shot is a real project. He says, “I like to build the image in ideas, build a feeling with the subject to portray, focusing on class, elegance and charm.” His “goal” is to be able to read the soul through his gaze ... that look that has to seduce the spectator ... “A photo only thrills if you look at the soul.” For the past two years, he has been the winner as well as the jury of the national competition Raw in the category Portrait, 1st Class in 6 International Contests in the category Portrait on Woman, 2 Men’s Honors at FIIPA Awards 2016 -2017 of the FIOF (International Photography Fund) in the Portrait category, 27 publications in the most prestigious International Photography site 1X where it boasts the inclusion of its Portrait in the year 2016 “Visions 1X”.


Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2012:
Riccardo Di Gerlando
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015:
Isabella Salvetti
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2011:
Francesco Filippi
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2014:
Anna Yanovskaya

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