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Excellence Nissene

Real Maestranza

Real Maestranza is the oldest popular institution in Caltanissetta, a city in the heart of Sicily. In the mid-sixteenth century, for fear of an imminent Turkish invasion, viceroy Vega instituted urban militias on throughout the territory. Thus, in 1551, a small Citizens’ Militia was formed, consisting of a hundred craftsmen and guided by a Captain of Arms belonging to the noble class, assisted by two subfamiliums called trumpet and drum. Thus the maestranza nissena was formed, craftsmen who continued to live in their own homes, but ready to transform themselves into soldiers armed with archibuges and spades, to the particular sound of a bell, calling the crowd.

The Turks never came to Caltanissetta, and the little exertion gradually rose to a stake, invoked to stand every time there were occasions of UFO and mainly for the patron saint And for the solemn Forty. Occasion that, from the evening of the previous Monday Easter and not on Wednesday morning, for forty consecutive hours, the Consecrated Host remained exposed to the worship of the faithful in the Mother Church. At noon the pastor went out to the shrine with the Ostensory, blessed the citizenship, which filled the main square and laid the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle, on that occasion Maestranza, deployed in front of the church door, made the honor of the Weapons firing at hail with archibuges. In 1806, King Ferdinand I of Bourbon visited Caltanissetta, where he welcomed Maestranza in the Magna Pump and, in view of his majesty, gave it the title of “Real”.

In 1848 artisans were deprived of arms and flags because they thought they could be used in boring revolts. The weapons were replaced by white wax flags and white flags on which the Holy Protector of all craftsmanships of the majestic Real Maestranza was reproduced. In the last few years, the craftsmanships are: barbers, painters, decorators, masons, marmists, carpenters and carpenters, carpenters and railroads, pellets and tapers, locksmiths, planners and plumbers. Each one of them in turn elects the Captain, who has some very important privileges: wearing the tricolor band with the emblem of the Italian Republic, he is named Cavaliere for the merit of the Italian Republic, receiving the keys from the city, wearing the sword.
A march of the seventeenth century, and conducts in procession the Venerable Christ on the Cross. Until 1822, he had the privilege of releasing a prisoner with mild punishment to remind him of this peculiarity, as it was not feasible to release a detainee from a punish institute in a legal view, the Captain hosts within his class, during all procedural paths, two boys from the Criminal Criminal Institute for Minors of Caltanissetta and receives Holy Saturday at the Enclave of the Circondarial House in Caltanissetta , Symbolically receives the prison key.
The key that the Captain of the Real Maestranza will return with the keys of the city on Easter Sunday after the solemn bridges of St. John the Bishop Mario Russotto.During the Holy Week, Maestranza participates in the solemn Intronization of the Most Holy Cross. Holy Wednesday represents the central and most important moment of Real Maestranza, from the former Jesuit College the Captain received the SS. Crosses are veiled, leading the penitential procession to the Cathedral, where after adoration of Jesus Sacramented, as a representative of the people, receives forgiveness and announces the release of man from sin. Black ties and gloves are replaced with white ones, and flags released from dark ribbons are celebrated. The Captain, alas from prying eyes, also changes socks. At lunchtime, the Eucharistic procession comes out along the streets of the historic center and falls into the Cathedral for Eucharistic Blessing. On Good Friday, Real Maestranza participates in the traditional procession of the Lord of the City, a celebrated Christ of the Cross. At this moment of utter religiousness, the day of mourning, the clergy, the civil authorities, the devotees and the foliage (wild grass collectors) also participate in silence, who barefoot on their shoulders bear the heavy simulacrum of the Cross, enclosed in an artistic Golden baroque crown fern, singing ancient and hardships devotional songs, called laden or lamintanze (praises, lamentations). Real Maestranza returns to the procession on 8 May to accompany the patron saint of Caltanissetta, San Michele Arcangelo, chosen for protection after the plague, which in 1625 was demolishing the population.
However, this is not the act, which closes all events related to the association, in fact, Real Maestranza also participates in the parade of June 2, on the occasion of the Feast of the Italian Republic. During this ceremony, the Captain is honored by the Prefect of the Honor of the Knight of the Italian Republic.

Claudia Sollami

Dr. Claudia Sollami is a biologist who holds a Master’s Degree in Experimental Biology and applied at the University of Pavia specializing in Forensic Entomology, a science that before a cadaveric find can establish the age of death or any moves by studying the insects that infest him immediately after the death. For the training course she did:
1st National Course of Entomological Repertation Techniques in the Judicial Appointment for State Police “at the University of Pavia; - National Qualification Course “Investigative Techniques on a Crime Scene: Multidisciplinary Approach and Forensic Applications” at the University of Pavia - Entomology Forensic Training Course at the Department of Entomology of Rutgers, the State University- Ty of New Jersey.
She started the 2nd Laboratory of Entomologia Forense in Italy together with the Consorzio Università di Caltanissetta, where the laboratory is currently located. He has been a lecturer in numerous illustrative and informative seminars held with Universities, Bureaux, Magistrale Institutions, Consultants of the 118 and other Public Institutions such as RIS, ASP.
One can cite the course organized for the Scien- tific Police of the province of Caltanissetta entitled “Guided by the entomological find at the Survey” at the Conference Room of the Questura of Caltanissetta
And the Seminar organized by the High School of the Judiciary on “Death Event, forensic science and criminal trial”. Recently, called to relate to the Forensic Entomologist National Congress, he has been able to exhibit, with personal case histories, parallel issues relating to commodity entomology (prevention
And the fight against pests in the food industries) and veterinary (cattle infestation) demonstrating the evolution of a less-recognized discipline in our territory.
This is the position of Commissioner ONB National Order of Biologists of the Province of Caltanissetta and is a member of the EAE European Association for Forensic Entomology.


Albo d'Oro/Golden list

Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2017:
Eric Romero
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013:
Mario Parruccini
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2016:
Edoardo Palma
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2012:
Riccardo Di Gerlando
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015:
Isabella Salvetti
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2011:
Francesco Filippi
Winner Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2014:
Anna Yanovskaya

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