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Jury 2017

Lajos koltai
Director, Director of Photography

He was born in Budapest on April 2, 1946. From high school he plays amateur films, in 1964-65 he works as a screenwriter and cameraman assistant. In 1965 he was Operator at the University of Cinematogra where he is a student of Illyés György. In 1970 he graduated with the “Proponents” lm. Since 1970 he has been working with MAFILM; at the beginning of documentaries and in three years of art is his professor’s cameraman. He is one of the decisive individuals of Hungarian filmmaking in the ‘70s.
The main station of his activity was photographing telenovels and telegiams. The opalescent, obscure tones, and the mystical climate deep in the spectator are characteristic of his photography. He photographed memorable works such as “Mrs Dery, where is he?” (1975) and “Belle e gli insidi” (1976). One of the most successful works is the epochal “Time Is Stopping” (1981) directed by Peter Gothar, in which the use of lights (past quotation and political upheavals) have made an inimitable film.

From the beginning he is the permanent replay operator of one of Hungary’s largest recorders, István Szabó. He photographed the only Hungarian film who won the Oscar Prize: Mephisto (1981) as well as other important Szabó’s film like Colonel Redl, Sweet Emma, Cara Böbe, or “Venus Tentation” (with The protagonist Glenn Glose). The Mephisto and Colonel Redl have opened the way for Alemsic. He has participated in many success stories (The Right Cause with Laurence Fishburne, Sean Connery and Ed Harris, as well as “Homer and Eddie” in which Mary Steenburgen received the Oscar).
He also participates in the triumph of Sunshine (1999, with Ralph Fiennes and many Hungarian actors in the main roles): he received the European Film Awards for photography. The prestige they receive is only a few: it is the member of the American Society of Cinematographers and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that distributes the Oscars.
He has been nominated for the Oscar Prize twice. He is the operator of Mephisto who received the Oscar Award.

Alessio Gelsini Torresi
Director of Photography

He begins working as an assistant operator with Tonino Del Colli. First film The Decameron of P.P.Pololini. Then he had the opportunity to collaborate with other directors of Photograpy such as Franco Di Giacomo, Ennio Guarnieri, Beppe Lanci, Silvano Ippoliti, Claudio ragona, Luciano Tovoli, Pa- squalino De Santis. First lm as a machine operator: In the name of Pope King Luigi Magni, then the extraordinary experience in Bianca by Nanni Moretti.
Then the first experiences as a photographer in music video clips followed by some of the most important publicity spots in recent years, Tim, Lavazza, Fiat, Ferrero. In 2005 he signed the direction  of the film “Tonight I Do”, presented in competition at the Giffoni Festival.
Films as author of photography
The Great Blek (G.Piccioni) • Small Equivalents (R.Tognazzi)
Snack bar Budapest (T.Brass)
Best Ciack Golden Appointment • Zugzwang (D.Cesarano)
The Station (S.Rubini) Best Sacher Gold Prize.

Andrea Purgatori
Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist

Born in Rome, 1953 he is a journalist, screenwriter and writer. Master of Science, Cumbria University Graduate School of Journalism (New York, 1980). Special correspondent for the Corriere della Sera from 1976 to 1998, he has been involved in terrorism, intelligence is organized crime. He was a war correspondence in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. He currently writes for Huffington Post. Author and conductor of reportage and television programs for Rai. Screenwriter (Motion Picture Center and Silvio d’Amico’s Dramatic Art Academy). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Italian Film and of the European Film Academy. President of Greenpeace since 2014, he has been a managing director of Siae for two years, representing Italian filmmakers. Screenplay for Cinema - Spettri (1986), Maya (1987), Panama Sugar (1990), The Wall of Rubber (1991, Venice Film Festival, Ufficial Selection, David of Donatello’s Best Screenplay, Nastro d’ar (1992, Silver Ribbon, Best Screenplay), The Boy Judge (1994, Berlin Film Festival, Blue Ribbon Award, David of Donatello, Best Screenplay) Golden Globe for Best Screenplay), Secret of State (1995), Last Cut (1998), The Ghost of Corleon (2004), Fortapàsc (2009, David nominated by Donatello, Silver Ribbon and Ciak Gold for Best Screenplay - Elsa Morante Cinema Prize - Sergio Amidei International Award for Best Screenplay); Vallanzasca (subject, 2011 Festival of Venice, special event); The industrial (2011, Rome Film Festival, special event, nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay); Cha cha cha (2013).
TV scripts - The unnecessary mother (RaiDue 1996, Italian Prize, UFO election), Vite armored (RaiUno 1998), Iqbal (RaiUno 1998, Monte Carlo lm festival, UCF / Public Prize, Banf lm festival (RaiDue, 1999), Life Changes (RaiUno, 2000), Suspicions (RaiDue, , RaiDue, 2001), The Third Secret (RaiDue, 2001), A Case of Consciousness (RaiDue, 2003), Attack on the State (Channel 5, 2005), A Case of Consciousness (RaiUno, 2006), Fratelli (RaiUno, 2006), Petrosino (RaiUno, 2006), Nati ieri (Channel 5, 2007), Graf or Tigre (RaiUno, 2007), Pilot Operation (RaiUno, 2007), Caravaggio 2007, Rome Fictionfest, event, Golden Chest award, best tv lm, Shanghai Film Festival, 4 nominations included best screenplay), Forbidden Love (RaiDue 2007, Roma Fictionfest, Ufcale Selection), A Case of Consciousness / 3 (RaiUno , 2008), Il b Sunday morning (RaiUno 2008); The Scandal of the Banca Romana (RaiUno 2010, Fipa d’or Biarritz Film Festival for best screenplay, nomination as Best Miniseries at the Festival of Contemporary Art (RaiUno 2009): A Case of Consciousness / 4 (RaiUno 2009/2010) Monte Carlo and Shanghai); The bank and the sample (RaiUno, 2010) My mother (RaiUno, 2010); Forbidden Love (RaiUno, 2011); Where is my lady? (Channel 5, 2011); Commissioner Nardone (RaiUno, 2012, special mention Rome Fictionfest 2013); A case of consciousness / 5 (RaiUno 2013); The two laws (RaiUno, 2014); State Reason (RaiUno, 2015); Lampedusa (RaiUno, 2016).
Awards (1992), Prize Altiero Spinelli (1992), Hemingway Prize (1992), Cinema for Peace Award (The Rubber Wall, 1993), Silver Award, Best Actress (The Rubber Wall, 1992)
Award for Cinema and Society (The Wall of Rubber / On the Black Continent, 1993), Golden Globe, Best Screenplay (1994), Chinnici Prize (1999), Golden Column Award for Peace (2001 ), Elsa Morante Cinema Prize (Fortapàsc, 2009), Sergio Amidei International Award for Best Screenplay (Fortapàsc, 2009), Fipa d’oro, Biarritz Film Festival for Best Screenplay (The Banca Romana Scandal, 2010).

Nicoletta Ercole
Costume Designer

Costume for Cinema, Theater and Television since 1974, has collaborated with many Italian and international directors: by Marco Ferreri, for whom she has compiled costumes for about 12 films: Bolognini, Visconti, Benigni, Tornatore, James Cameron, Richard Loncraine, Julie Taymor, Francis Ford Coppola, Margarethe Von Trotta, De Sica, Vanzina, Pieraccioni, Nuti and many more.
She has designed costumes for more than 130 lm for Cinema, Television and many theatrical performances, working with Polansky, Barbareschi, Giorgio Ferrara and many more. She has worked in the field of fashion since 1971, collaborating with fashion designers such as Pier Luigi Trico, Renato Balestra, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti, Trussardi for which he has performed some events and late in fashion. He has been a consultant for Bulgari for the promotion of product placement in Italy and North America for about 8 years. Over the years she has developed personal and professional relationships with many designers and artists in the field of Italian fashion such as Armani, Fendi, Ferrè, Lanetti, Missoni, Scervino, Balestra.
She has worked in the field of culture and cinema as an advisor for Cinecittà Holding 2006-2008 has been awarded a prize dedicated to all Film technicians and craftsmen on behalf of the company.
In 2007, she was responsible for organizing Cinecittà’s 70th anniversary celebrations with an international reputation. She has been nominated three times for the Silver Ribbons for Designer Best Costumes, three times for David of Donatello, once for the Emmy Awards and once Academy Award with Milena Canonero.
Since 2008 she has been Director of Special Events, External Relations and the Project of the Mecenates of the Festival of the 2 Worlds of Spoleto under the direction of Giorgio Ferrara.

Giancarlo Soldi
Author, Director

He began with his short film “Panajaja” in 1979. In 1982 he produced the short film “No Future” with which he won the Filmmaker Festival in Milan.
He then produced “Polsi Sottili” prize filmaker 1985 and presented at the Berlin Film Festival. New language researcher is creating the documentary “Candid Kantor” on the great playwright Tadeusz Kantor and gets the Special Mention at TTV Theater in video directed by Franco Quadri.
He directed the film “Black”, written by Tiziano Sclavi, played by Sergio Castellitto, Chiara Caselli and Hugo Pratt (Venice Film Festival in 1992. Special mention at the Cognac Polar Film Festival).
Along with the search for new languages in 1998, he produced the series “Alex, Surveys on Secrets of the World” by Romina Mondello. His love for comics leads him to create documentaries: “Talking Clouds”, “Comics and Us” and “Graphic Reporter.” Realizes in 2013 the documentary “Come TEX Nessuno Mai”, distributed by Sergio Bonelli Editore.
In 2015 his documentary “Nessuno siamo perfetti” takes the Silver Special Mention Silver Ribbon.

Stefania Casini
Director, Author, Journalist

Stefania Casini had a degree in architecture and a brilliant actress career that allows her to work with Pietro Germi, Bernardo Bertolucci, Peter Greenaway, Dario Argento,
In the 1970s, Paul Morrissey moved to New York where she worked with ANDY WARHOL in Andy Warhol’s Bad and decided to go behind the camera and begin her career as a journalist and director.
For cinema, she writes and directs with Francesca Marciano the film “Far From Where” presented at the FILM FESTIVAL OF VEHICLE. She writes and directs: A paradise of lies with Claudio Amendola and Antonella Ponziani. She directs the Film Festival “Terra di Siena” in the 2000-2002 season. She directs 6 lm for MEDIASET for the series she has created WINNING FOR WINNING The expert and intrepid writer makes numerous documentaries and reportage around the world for MIXER, Format, including the lucky series “LATIN AMERICA: stories of women”, “ISLAM : Stories of women “,” Have 20 years to ... “and FOR STORY WE ARE” Shame: journey to the center of the puddle. “” Pretti della strada “” The future is already here: Communication. “” So far so close: portraits of periphery. “ She has recently created and created for RAISAT Premium the ller BORSETTE. She has also produced some emotional stories for MARATON ARTE and the documentary SCHIAFFO ALLA MAFIA, a flag of a lived experience of the Pio LA Torre cooperative, who works in the Corleonese lands.
She has directed IESTV digital TV for a year and has returned to the documentary with Madein Albania and the Segway of Palermo, he has also produced Come Tex no-ever and NESSUNO SIAMO PERFETTI, by which she has won the silver ribbon special mention 2015
As a journalist she collaborated with Amica, MODA, TV7 Evening Corps, GIOIA, Marie Claire, Tv Sorrises and Songs, GRAZIA. In recent years she has devoted herself to the study of new interactive languages by participating in various workshops at the Hackathon of Leipzig and has worked with the small Parisian Paris studio.
Her new project is a transmedium document on migrants MARE NOSTRUM.

Stefania Berbenni

She is chief editor at Panorama’s central office. In the Newspaper Magazine world, she has played various roles, dealing with Culture, Shows and Society. Over the years, she has followed numerous film and literary festivals. Experiences in radio. She wrote two books.


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Albo d'Oro/Golden list

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